Give Away, Make People Happy
I have already given away one item. Good luck to Fulwish team, you're cool. If I had to list best feelings, one of them would be giving away. Give away and make people happy :)
Give Away Happiness
Enjoy giving away happiness to people
The Joy of Less
I hate clutter and I hate unreasonable waste of resources, that's why I love the concept behind Fulwish - you can declutter your space, recycle AND make others happy while you are at it.
Gives More Than Money
My electronic music device has served me very well, and after I got an upgrade, the old one was just lying in my drawer. Soon after posting it on Fulwish and sharing, the device got three wishes, one of them was from a musician I like. I has happy to accept his wish. Thanks to Fulwish, I was able declutter my home and somebody recieved a gift they wanted. This feels amazing, this gives more than money!
Share happiness
I have already given 3 items and want to share more. Giving away items, brings me much more happiness. It's the best way to get rid of the things,that you don't need anymore, usefully, making other people happier. Love the idea and hope more and more people will join us.
Fulwish - The source of positive energy and love
As people say, these days humans have a lack of real emotions, they are not happy and trying to live with imaginary feelings. In reality we keep forgetting the most important part - the kindness and those positive energy, which we get from other people. Fulwish for me is that exact source of positive energy, when you can't tell what makes you happier - when someone gifts you something you really wanted or when you give away things. This is the place where you believe in others, believe their kindness and you try to respond the same way. The place, where even the tiny gift gives you a totally different feeling and every hug, every smile, every excited face and the warmth you get may last for hours, days and months. Finally, the thing that Fulwish members share to each other is not only material but sometimes way more important, that is love.
Every Gift Is Love
Every gift is love that you give away. When you are giving it with all your heart, it becomes love. I gave away one gift and the feeling was amazing. Hope to get one in the future. Fulwish is the very creative and useful thing - exchanging each others hearts.