What can I give?

Anything that you’re not using. Don’t worry about who will need it — just post your item, and someone will take it. However, there are some items that you can't give away on Fulwish.

Is using Fulwish totally free?

Absolutely. And it always will be free.

How can I give?

First, post an item on Fulwish. When you get requests, you decide who to give to. The person you choose will come to a place of your choosing to pick up the item. You can communicate with them through the “Messages” section in your profile. Fulwish doesn’t arrange delivery (for now).

Can I sell or trade the item?

No. When you post an item on Fulwish, you’re giving it as a gift! Please don’t request anything in return.

Can I post items in bulk?

It's best to post single items, however you can also post in bulk if the items are similar and you want to give away ASAP.

How do I get an item I need?

Simply request the item and wait for the owner to get in touch. If they approve your request, you can pick up the item from a location the owner suggests.

How to increase my chances of getting the item I need?

When you request an item, explain in detail why you need it and how you’re going to use it. The more compelling your reason, the greater your chances.

Can I request multiple items at once?

You can request as many items as you wish; however, you may only receive up to 3 items per month. Let’s give others a chance too.

How can I thank someone who gave me an item?

You can give “thanks” on their personal profile page.

How to thank Fulwish?

We would love to hear your experience here.

What to do if the person I have accepted to give my item doesn't show up?

Punish them softly. Go to your Profile, Messages, find the thread with that person and click "Edit" button, then click "Decline". This way your item will be again displayed in search results and you can give away to someone else.