What Not To Give Away
We know you want to give away anything you don’t need with good intentions, but still there are some items that you can’t post on Fulwish. Items which could be braking any law or is unsafe or inappropriate for our website.
Here’s the list of things you can’t give away:
  • Yourself. Seriously, try not to post your selfies ;)
  • Your neighbours, friends, and any other human beings you like or dislike. We appereciate that you are generous and would like to give away, but not on Fulwish
  • Pets, birds, fish or any kind of animal
  • Pharmaceutical drugs
  • Illegal or legal drugs
  • Tobacco
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Pirated or copied media, including CD's, DVD's & games
  • Pornographic goods or services
  • Unsealed or past used food
  • Weapons, ammunition, explosives, fireworks
  • Hazardous chemical, biological and radioactive materials
  • Any goods capable of infringing any rights including intellectual property rights
  • Services, consultations
  • Businesses
  • Official documents such as birth certificates, drivers licenses, passports, ID cards
  • Credit or debit cards
  • Official uniforms
  • Goods that may be religiously, sexually, racially or in any other way offensive
  • Any item that is illegal to posses or give away according to your country, state or international law
For additional information please read our Terms document.